Projects in progress

Yongzhou Tianyu Washington project

Address:Lingling New City Life Center (Yangming Road and Gordon port Hall Road Interchange)
Washington ranked Yongzhou Lingling Skyfame new center of city life Yangming Road, project planning 106 acres of land, with a total construction area of 愠戀漀甀琀 210,000 square meters, floor area ratio of 2.62, 33.94% of the total building density, green rate of 35.23%, of the total 883 parking spaces months, the number of households living 1129.
     Includes independent residential real estate (house), high-rise, high-rise residential and commercial, and other products, the type of rich, community support is very perfect, there is community commercial plaza, supermarket, community commercial street, community property service centers, kindergartens and a lot of rich aristocrats public parking spaces and other necessities to make life more convenient and thoughtful; European style gardens and harmony with the Spanish architectural style, stylish atmosphere, beautiful and comfortable. Large leisure plaza, flower beds, stairs, sculptures, vegetation, fountains, water, and other rich European Gallery Pavilion European garden elements adorn the garden.
  "Tianyu Washington" to enable the owners to enjoy a good property management and services, residential setting five heavy security systems, including video intercom system, intelligent building access control systems, closed-circuit monitoring system, electronic patrol system, parking management system ; and equipped with professional green team.
     Tianyu Washington, Yongzhou luxury landmark, the Royal European city. November 2012, Washington was selected Tianyu Department of Housing and Urban Architectural Culture Center "Chinese city landmark luxury residential project" became Yongzhou awarded the luxury class represents the first high-end real estate projects.